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Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Website!

New site is

Head over and check it out. I will be posting on there from now on.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

World of Warcraft Arena Tips Episode 4: How to Play Paladin Warrior at 2700 on BG9

Here is episode 4 of my WoW Arena Tips series. This one's on how to play Paladin/Warrior in 2v2. Our team's at about 2700 on Bloodlust at the moment. 

First of all, Here is the armory link for my 2v2 team on Blackrock. I'll go a little more in depth about our strategies for each team.

Game one; the Druid/Warrior team. This comp can be a little tough depending on how well the two work together. Generally, their warrior will charge or intercept yours every single time that our partner charges/intercepts into the opposing druid. This opens them up to be able to cyclone pretty easily, so you should do you best to be either very close to a place where you can line of sight the cyclone or have a Hammer of Justice/Arcane Torrent ready. You need to be able to either completely avoid the cyclone, wasting the druid's time, or stop them if your warrior is going to be incapable of picking up the slack. Once you've forced the druid to trinket, swap to the warrior until they let their HoTs drop off, then swap back to the druid with a Hammer of Justice and Bladestorm. This should result in a win.

Next, Moonkin Rogue teams, or just Druid/Rogue's in general. Your warrior needs a freedom, if possible, after every single kidney shot. During the kidney shot on your warrior, you should be hiding to avoid getting cyclone, if you do not have an interrupt available. The best options are to force the druid to HoT himself and swap to the rogue. Usually, with some good RNG, you will be able to kill the rogue as long as you help your warrior with damage by Holy Shocking, Judging, and Shield Slamming.

Third, Mage Rogue. Tough comp depending on their skill. I can tell you that the mage rogue teams on BG9 are quite impressive at times. Usually the opener can decide the game. As the paladin, you want to Sacred Shield yourself because they will generally open on you while nova/sheeping your warrior (They will blind him if he trinkets) and try to force you to Bubble. Try to consecrate and keep Judgement of Justice on the rogue so his sprint is worthless. The best strategy here is to kill the rogue via bladestorm with a Divine Sacrifice up to keep your warrior from having to go defensive.

Finally, Shaman Rogue. They are capable of putting out enough pressure to keep your warrior wearing a shield. As the paladin, or any healer really, you need to fake the shaman's Wind Shock every 6 seconds, or you can expect to be locked out about 20% of the time. The best strategy here is to hit the target that does not have Earth shield, causing the shaman to blow mana swapping his earth shields. As long as you swap to the shaman every chance you get, they should not be able to keep up with the damage a warrior can put out. Against this team, you want to use Freedom after Kidney Shot and as  your warrior is charging into the shaman to prevent the shaman from purging it instantly. A good bladestorm + HoJ on the shaman when he doesnt have earth shield on should result in an easy victory.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Hate RMP

Hi, I play against the best Rogue/Mage/Priest teams in the country. I feel that the changes to aura mastery and divine sacrifice were not needed. Aura mastery causes a really backwards effect in pvp. It's intended to let you get a spell cast off, but instead, Aura Mastery almost equals: Blind, Fingers of Frost Deep Freeze, Sprint Gouge, Pscyhic Scream, Sheep, LOOK AT the Paladin. It was reduced down to 6 seconds.

What is a paladin supposed to be able to do in 6 seconds? They can start to cast a Flash of Light or a Holy Light and never see it finish for those 6 seconds. Once those short 6 seconds are done, BAM > COUNTERSPELLED. It really leaves me feeling like Aura Mastery more often gets you crowd controlled rather than letting you cast, which is what it's intended to do.

Next, the Divine Sacrifice change?? Damage reduction was cut in half AND the duration was changed to 6 seconds? First of all, good luck keeping a Warlock or Mage alive against a Enchancement Shaman/ Beast Mastery Hunter/ Healer team from now on. Also, any good RMP team has eyes. When you use your Divine Sacrifice or Hand of Sacrifice, they either: 1. Completely swap to a secondary target or 2. Dispel it instantly and follow it with a Polymorph.

Why does RMP have to be the most dominant, popular team composition patch after patch? I really do not understand what PvP changes and balance tweaks are based around.

Thanks for not even reading this! See you soon!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

World of Warcraft Arena Tips Episode 3: How to play Paladin/Warlock

Episode 3 of my WoW Arena Tips series is here. This one's about how to play against three of the most common 2v2 comps out there: Priest/Rogue, Mage/Rogue and Paladin/Warrior. I gave the basic strategy at the beginning of each clip. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

World of Warcraft Arena Tips Episode 2: Xfire/Macros/Keybinds

Episode 2 of this little series I'm doing on arena tips is here.

To make a macro that will cast a spell on your focus, instead of your current target, just type out..

/cast [target=focus] Spell

Replace Spell with the spell you want to cast on them. These are very helpful if you want to quickly cast a spell on an off target without even changing targets. Sometimes it's the difference between a win or a loss.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

People seem to ask the same questions a lot, so I'm going to make this post and continue to update it when I get asked the same question FREQUENTLY.

Q: What is your cast bar mod?
A: Quartz

Q: What are your unit frames?
A: X Perl

Q: Can I download your addons?
A: Yes, there's a link on the top right of the sidebar on the blog.

Q: What Server do you play on?
A: Blackrock on my Blood Elf Paladin and Blood Furnace on my Alliance Paladin

Q: Where did you get your font?
A: It from a level 60 UI that I can't remember the name of. To install it, you can find the link for it on my filefront, unzip it and put the "fonts" folder in your World of Warcraft Directory.

Q: What do you use to make your videos?
A: I record with Fraps 2.9.8 and Edit with Sony Vegas Pro 8.